Quit Tobacco

Quit Tobacco

Quitting tobacco or nicotine is hard but using the right support systems can help you in your quitting journey.  We have compiled several free resources available to assist you in the quitting process. For an informational video on ETU MO’s Tobacco Risks and Quit Resources for Missouri Colleges and Universities click here.

Missouri Partners in Prevention Time to Change Program The Truth Initiative's This is Quitting Program MU Wellness Resource Center One-on-one Quit Coaching for Students
Missouri Tobacco Quitline - 1.800.quit.now or visit youcanquit.org MU Health Care Free Virtual Group Quit Classes Missouri Eliminate Tobacco Use Initiative Personalized Quit Plan
Smokefree.gov Teen Tools and Tips Partners in Prevention Want to Quit Brochure - Get Free Help to Quit Tobacco Products Very Well Mind's Tips for Going Out When You're Trying Not to Smoke
Become an Ex Quit Program The Truth Initiative's It's Quitting Season Campaign MU Health Care Resources for Quitting Tobacco
American Lung Association's Benefits of Quitting American Lung Association NOT for Me Program SmokeFree Teen Your First Day Without Vaping


The Missouri Partners in Prevention’s Make a Change program offers several tools and resources to assist college students in the state of Missouri along their journey to quit using tobacco and/or cannabis, including personalized quit plans, and consultations with a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

The Truth Initiative has a text-to-quit program known as This is Quitting. They will provide you with 3-5 text messages per day to support you in your journey if you text “DITCHVAPE” to 88709.

MU Wellness Resource Center offers one-on-one quit coaching with a trained specialist in tobacco cessation. Free nicotine replacement therapy available to all students who meet with the counselor.

The Missouri Tobacco Quit line can provide you with one-on-one cessation coaching as well as free nicotine replacement therapy.

MU Health Care offers a virtual group class led by two certified tobacco treatment specialists. The class meets 5 times over 10 weeks and participants have the opportunity to receive support from the cessation coaches and peers, develop quit plans, and receive free nicotine replacement therapy.

The Missouri Eliminate Tobacco Use Initiative has a personal quit plan to help you set quitting targets and stay on track in your quitting journey.

Smokefree Teen by the National Cancer Institute offers several tools and tips for you along your quitting journey, including text messaging, cessation coaching, and Instagram connections.

Missouri Partners in Prevention offers factual content in an easy-to-read brochure discussing resources for quitting.

Verywell Mind reporter Kendra Cherry wrote an excellent article on providing coping tips for those who have quit using tobacco, but still want to go out with their friends.

BecomeAnEx is a program developed by Truth Initiative and the Mayo Clinic to offer free digital resources to help tobacco users quit, with an active social community, text and email messaging support, expert guidance, and interactive quitting tools.

The Truth Initiative follows the stories of real life people on their journeys to quit vaping.

MU Health Care Resource for Quitting Guide provides a summary of the resources available in the region.

The American Lung Association describes the health benefits of quitting in a readable timeline moving from 20 minutes to 15 years after quitting in order to help you identify motivation.

NOT for Me is a six-week, online program offered by the American Lung Association that helps participants understand their relationship with tobacco and gives them the tools they need to quit.

Smokefree Teen by the National Cancer Institute offers a step-by-step guide to walk tobacco users through navigating their first day without vaping.